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I guarantee you that you will make $100,000  per year. My reputation and history of real estate success spans over 43 years, and now I kick back, sell 35-40 homes, train agents and go to Florida as much as I can.

I will share how I sold between 70 -78 homes per year at 25 hours per week.  I know that sounds hard to believe but that's because you're looking at real estate the same way everyone's been taught.

Here is just a tid-bit of how I began to make more and work less.  I called 10 FSBO's/Expireds a day, 5 days a week, times 40 weeks = 2,000 calls with 3% success = 60 Listings. 

That seems easy enough, but now it's knowing what to say and when to call, don't believe all of the online coaches and sales books.

About Don & Valerie Keeton

Valerie Keeton

I obtained my brokers license in 1990, after working several years in loan processing.  I'll manage your files and insure you prepare the contracts properly.  During my management and before me our office has never had a compliance issue.  We do expect great contract development because it protects everyone in the company.

Our agents take great pride when another agent states that they know our company and our reputation for professionalism. 


We enjoy supporting our agents and they know it which is why most of them have been with us nearly 20 years.  If you're the type of agent that want accountability then you'll love our coaching and accountability program.  Don has over 30 years experience in coaching and training, and he prides himself on being an active trainer.

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