RE/MAX  The Producers

Business Partner Program 95/5 Split

‚ÄčOur Business Partner Agents have the opportunity to generate a passive income from other agents and retain a 95% commission split from their business!

  • HERE'S HOW...The Business Partner pays $395.00 per month plus a $395.00 Transaction Fee and they retain a 95% split on commissions generated.
  • TEAM BUILDING...  If the Business Partner wants to expand or build a THEIR TEAM then they only pay $100.00 per month for each licensed agent with the same split and transaction fee.
  • Recruiting Incentive...  Recruit a Tradition Agents then the Business Partner Retains 25% of the 30% Splits.  Recruit a Business Partner and you retain 10% of the retained brokerage income received from the commission split.

Traditional Agent Program 70/30 Split

Our program is simple No Office or Company Fees and you keep 70%.  We encourage Traditional Agents to work towards becoming a Business Partner!